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We are proud as a Veteran-owned Business to be a part of the mission to heal. We believe everyone should be proud of who they are and their journey during, and after service. It is important that we keep ‘doing our bit’ to keep fighting and looking out for each other. 

Through the power of design and simply making it a statement, we at Spadix are proud to contribute our experience and understanding of the soldier’s culture in the power of art and expression. We love to hear the journeys of every current and former service member we meet. We have been proud to be a part in many movements and organisation activities. Here are some of the great stories we have been part of.

Creating a Viral Movement

A sticker to help a mother heal after losing her son on home soil to a Facebook page movement of almost 10k followers and 30k stickers distributed nationwide. The Thank You for your Service #wearegrateful campaign grew through design for cause and a common message to show how grateful the Australian people are for those who serve our country.

An Iconic Identity

Young Veterans was founded in 2014. One of the co founders asked if I could assist them with a brand identity to establish their place to go forth with their vision and mission. Today, Young Veterans is Nationwide and well recognised for its great works for all Veterans of Australia.

In memory of the Living

The Matilda Poppy is a concept to acknowledge the living veterans and their sacrifice for Australia. Andrea and myself worked on a concept that represents both Australia and New Zealand service members. The Matilda Poppy has been endorsed Australia wide! It is also a popular badge for politicians and senators in parliament.

Pozieres - A Debt As Yet Unpaid

I would like to thank the team Pozieres Remembrance Association Australia for the opportunity for supplying the 6800 stickers to be placed on the crosses going to Pozieres in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Battles of the Somme of 1916. The team have put together 6800 crosses to represent each individual who lost their lives during the battle of Pozieres. The crosses have arrived safely in France where they will be placed into the ground where the battle took place between Australian and German forces. I like to think I know my military history well, knowing the great sacrifices our forefathers experienced in all campaigns of the great war. We see the figures of casualties, however we don't look at the serious weight of the loss as much as we can experience it as a comparison. As I set up the design ready for print it starts as one. This one design is one individual like you or me. This was someone's son, someone's sweetheart, someone's brother, someone's father, someone's mate. This one design, I multiplied it by 6800 and proceeded to print. The degree of this started to hit home as the printer started to slowly print out the lines upon lines of stickers. It did not stop for hours as these numbers came out. As I nurtured through the cut and packing process the numbers made me think very hard about the seriousness of our countries sacrifice. This was the precious flower of our young nation! The weight of this loss is something we should know a lot more about. We celebrate Anzac day and think of Gallipoli, however we should not forget that the survivors of the peninsular then went on to France and into the 1916 summer campaigns. I had to get online and watch the documentaries and read documents about the campaign to sink it all in. The 1st, 2nd and 4th Australian Divisions endured shocking casualties from the 23rd July 1916 to the 3rd September 1916 at Pozieres and Mouquet Farm. In all, the three Australian divisions suffered 23,000 casualties. All in less than seven weeks. 6,800 Australians were killed or died of wounds. After processing the job I spoke to Michael Lee on the phone and told him the experience of the process hit home in regards to the time and numbers. When Michael visited the Spadix Print & Design studio he shared the maps of the area and explained to me what was happening when they were commencing the setting and layout for the commemoration. I would like to personally thank the hard work of the Pozieres team to keep the important story fresh and alive today, and everyday. It is such an important story to our country's history. I recommend everyone to check out what the Pozieres Remembrance Association team are putting together. Even if you are heading to Europe to make sure you head to France as well! Let us never forget these men and women who went through this experience. Take time to remember and reflect on the loss and sacrifice the nation experienced this time 100 years ago. Proud of our history. Proud to have served. May we always remember. Lest We Forget.

Thank You from Antibes

"As the General Secretary and Communications Manager of a not-for-profit association, ANZAC ANTIBES, in the south of France, we had the pleasure and benefit of Simon's expertise in graphic design and especially his immense generosity. As a small group of expat Australians, Kiwis and Brits we have been organising and self-funding ANZAC Day ceremonies in Antibes for the past 6 years. In the past year we obtained the official status of a bona-fide Association and as such had need of a logo. Simon, as an ex-serviceman, came to the rescue with the creation of our beautiful logo which is now used on all our communications (website, Facebook page, printed material). He and his team were attentive to our wishes and needs and despite the time difference and distance supplied us with the necessary ideas and files in no time at all - all without charge. Can't recommend Simon and his company Spadix Print & Design enough." Linda Blochet

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