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Being recognised for service to our country means a lot to every current and former service member.

Being recognised for service to our country means a lot to every current and former service member.

Our Identification as members of the Defence Community is vital.


Personalised Military Medal Ribbon bar Stickers

In today’s Defence Community we are coming together as a network closer than ever in the era of Social Media and the conclusion of major operations in the Middle East. With the wind down of deployments, service members are exiting the ADF and looking for new opportunities, new pursuits and careers.

Coming from a culture of teamwork and mateship we are looking to continue the same values in our chosen fields on civi street. We also want to be identified and recognised as veterans and proud members of the defence community.

However it has not been an easy transition for all that leave the uniform. Some are experiencing a very hard road and feeling somewhat alone and not supported. We have seen in the recent years new movements rise up in the form of charities and organisations doing great work on various fronts looking after our veterans and keeping them together and supported. And on both positive and negative sides within the defence community, we need to be more noticed than ever to enable those to each out when in need and troubled times. Thus the great advantages of what these items bring to the community.


Making new connections in the defence community


Personaised Custom Military Medal Bar Ribbon Stickers

As proud veterans we look for ways to display our service in the form of apparel, patches, stickers, flags, and various collector items and memorabilia. After wearing the uniform, and only able to wear our awards on rare occasions we have not had many options until recently to display our pride for serving the country. As well as charities and organisations form we have had growth in suppliers of these items for the defence community to access, and each supplier has done a great service making these various items available.

As a sticker supplier here at Spadix we have heard great stories of veterans spotting Australian Military stickers out on the road throughout the country and making connections by saying g’day. We have also heard of people writing “thank you for your service” notes and dropping them under the windscreen wipers of cars with military service stickers to express thanks and respect. Also of unit stickers bringing former members together who had served in the same unit at different times.
The identification brings recognition and respect on the road with a simple nod and a wave from passing vehicles. These positive circumstances do a lot for a veteran’s pride.

Australians are familiar to a degree with the personalised military stickers through the Anzac Spirit celebrated as Australians. Spotting a sticker instantly gives the driver or occupants respect and a sense of responsibility and safety on our roads. Some would recognise the stickers and know there is safety and assistance is there if in need.

Current Defence Community culture is continuously driving the spirit of mateship and teamwork well beyond time in service. It is keeping our sacred legacy alive also remembering those who have served, and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in all conflicts. We do not glorify war in any sense, but celebrate and remember each of the fallen as Australians. They cannot be forgotten, ever.


A privilege to produce Personalised Ribbon Stickers

Proud to have Served Military StickersIt has been an absolute privilege to produce every single Personalised Ribbon sticker for each and everyone of you. Through this venture I have had the honour to meet great people from diverse levels and areas of the community and provide something that is received with satisfaction and delight.

Each and every set of awards that come in for sticker requests give an extraordinary story about the service member. To enable your awards to be shared and displayed as a sticker in my opinion is nothing less than unique and of great sentimental value.

As most of you know we started as Spadix Stickers providing Australian military stickers and have evolved into a print and design business serving the defence community. We have given where we can by supporting such organisations such as Defence Shed, Veterans Off The Streets Australia and Young Veterans.


What a great way to display your service!

Brother by choice Australian Military Stickers

Ribbon stickers originated from the Vietnam veterans proudly displaying the standard four ribbons.
With the Defence Force recently becoming more active in operations since the 1990’s into today’s campaigns, service ribbon stickers have been desired however not widely made available by medal mounters or associations.
Coming back from deployment in Afghanistan I sorted to get a set of personalised ribbon stickers however I could not find a good quality supplier, let alone a single service that offered them. It was this frustration that led to the start of Spadix Stickers & Design.

Personalised stickers are available on proof of service and awards no different from your local medal mounter. Whether it be one award, or as many awards the standard personalised ribbon sticker can be customised to also display badges and wording applicable to your time in service. All designs are set out to defence and Honours and Awards standards. The slide reel give some basic examples of designs we have done previously.

We have designed over 4000 individual personalised ribbon stickers of Australian and New Zealand current and former service-members since 2014. And at least 300 orders for international requests from other various nations such as The Netherlands, The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany to name a few. We have had an interesting range of all ranks and service requesting orders and it has been a privilege to hear individual service stories and share your experiences through the email correspondence. The ribbon sets I find novel are World War One, World War Two, and Korean War era. I guess it is the story that goes with the service of these extraordinary people of these times. It is a popular request of families to obtain these ribbons for their family members to keep the Anzac Spirit and pride alive within the family.


Personalised ribbon stickers explained.

British Personalised Custom Military Medal Bar Ribbon Stickers

The standard personalised ribbon sticker is 16cm x 6cm for $14.00 each plus gst and registered post. *Orders of 5 stickers and over – $12.00 each plus gst and registered post.*

Custom requests will have their variable pricing, i.e. design from scratch work, and size request/measurement request.
The stock used is white self adhesive vinyl with a minimum 5 year uv protection. It is excellent robust quality sticker stock, used for various outdoor purposes, favoured by various industries for their outstanding quality. We do custom size orders on request however prices may vary due to size (for mailing package pricing costs) or the type of design request.


Mail out process is conducted each Monday and Tuesday of each week from Brisbane.
Handling including shipping can be up to 14 days in process.


  • No minimum order.
  • Pricing excludes GST.
  • Adding badges and wording is standard!
  • Clear stock not an option for personalised stickers.*

*White & metallic colours as an ink choice are not available. Clear stock does not have the capability or the quality to be used for Personalised Ribbon Stickers as the ribbons are incomplete without white within the design.


Personalised Ribbon Stickers are recognised as many different names 

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Place an order for your Personalised Ribbon Sticker today! Share with your family and mates who have served

*** After sending this order you will receive an instant screen reply to note your order has been received. Please read this information important for the order process***
Please upload an image of your awards here. Sharing this image assists in the accuracy of getting your order correct.

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