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Live fire at Cultana

Live fire at Cultana

The Australian Army will conduct routine training activities at the Cultana Training Area, resulting in increased noise and smoke between March 9-29.

Units of the 1st Brigade will be training during day and night. Residents may see or hear low flying aircraft, live firing of artillery and mortars, and increased heavy vehicle movement, which can produce significant dust clouds.

Heavy vehicle movement near range boundaries will be limited to reduce the amount of wind-blown dust leaving the training area.

The purpose of these training activities is to provide personnel with realistic training environments and scenarios to ensure they are able to safely deliver accurate and rapid fire in the event it is required.

These activities are part of the 1st Brigade’s regular training program and residents should not be concerned.

Live fire exercises ensure the Australian Army is able to deliver the highest capability possible in defence of the nation and its interests.


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