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Friends of Williamstown RSL call for reinforcements
28/02//19 West Photography Issue 4/03/19 RSL Weekly meetings being held to keep veterans together after disbanding of the Williamstown RSL. Left to right Cr Jonathon Marsden mayor and former Army Aviator, Afghanistan Vet Shannon Beckman and Vietnam Vet Bruce O'Brien Pic Marco De Luca

Friends of Williamstown RSL call for reinforcements

Diggers are regrouping after the disbanding of Williamstown RSL, with veterans and residents being urged to attend weekly meetings started up at a local yacht club.

Veterans have formed a Friends of Williamstown RSL group, which is meeting at Hobsons Bay Yacht Club from 5.30pm every Thursday until Anzac Day.

The sub-branch was dissolved after its club was forced to close in 2017 due to a multi-million dollar debt.

Immediate past president of the former Williamstown RSL, Vietnam veteran Bruce O’Brien said the Friends were now planning for Anzac Day.

“The Friends group aims to preserve the local RSL’s heritage, the memory of Williamstown’s military who died whilst serving and protecting our country, plus those who have since passed on, thus ensuring the continuation of Anzac commemorative services in Williamstown,” he said.

“The Friends currently have a core of five, all of whom have been in uniform with service ranging from Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor, Canberra, Solomon Islands, and Vietnam.

“As ‘we once were soldiers’, we do need help plus some supersonic brainpower. We are therefore inviting all local residents, former and current serving military to come along and join us.”

Commodore Tony Dawson and the executive of the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club, which is next to the cenotaph, encouraged all former members of the Willimastown RSL to enjoy the facilities.

For more information, email Bruce or Shannon at


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