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New protection for RSL memorabilia

New protection for RSL memorabilia

The Collie-Cardiff RSL has installed two new shade structures to extend the life of the club’s military vehicle display.

The shade structures will provide weather protection for the Leopard tank and the M113 armoured personnel carrier permanently on display in front of the Collie-Cardiff RSL building.

Collie-Cardiff RSL president Gary Benton said the shade structures would ensure the military memorabilia would remain in the best shape possible for the community to enjoy.

“The Collie-Cardiff RSL has an obligation to keep these tanks well looked after and maintained, which these shade structures will help immensely,” he said.

“The shade structures will extend the life of these display items and provide long term savings in regards to the cost of repainting and repairs.”

The Collie-Cardiff RSL was able install the structures after receiving a grant of $19,773 from the 2017 Community Chest Fund grant program, managed by the South West Development Commission.

The project will also include an extension to the shed on the property, which will be used to house a Ferret scout car for display.

Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray said he was pleased to see the project coming towards completion.

“It is great to see this type of funding going to a very well respected, hardworking organisation such as the Collie-Cardiff RSL,” he said.

“Throughout its construction it was fantastic to see the amount of volunteers and community workers that pitched-in, which ensured this project was completed within budget.”

The military memorabilia on display at the Collie-Cardiff RSL is currently free to view and Mr Benton said it will remain so.


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