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RSL gives Christmas cheer

RSL gives Christmas cheer

Two widows of war veterans were special recipients of donations at the Boulder Returned and Services League sub-branch Christmas luncheon on Sunday.

Mary Price and Gloria Elliott received gift hampers at the Albion Hotel function, which was an end-of-year celebration for the sub-branch

Mrs Elliott said the Boulder RSL sub-branch’s support, which also included the provision of firewood to her and other widows during the winter, was greatly appreciated.

Sub-branch president Jan Le Brun said a third widow invited to the luncheon was unable to attend because of work commitments.

Secretary Deb Rodgers said the sub-branch was also organising a special Christmas donation for Vietnam veterans this year, a fruit hamper.

Ms Le Brun said the sub-branch made regular community donations following Anzac Day.

The sub-branch has about 26 members, most of whom were affiliates of returned servicemen as opposed to returned servicemen themselves.

“The group was mainly devised for returned servicemen so they could get together with mates and talk to people who had been in similar situations because sometimes they found it hard when came back from war to speak to civilians and get back to (civilian) life,” she said.

“We still try to get ex-servicemen in but there are a lot of affiliate members who haven’t done service but maybe have a family member and want to come help out.

“Honestly, if we didn’t have affiliate members we wouldn’t have the numbers to keep going.”

Ms Rodgers said the sub-branch welcomed new members.


Pictured: Boulder RSL sub-branch secretary Deb Rodgers, widows Mary Price and Gloria Elliott, and RSL president Jan Le Brun.


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