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Des Hancock awarded life membership of Wauchope RSL Sub-branch

Des Hancock awarded life membership of Wauchope RSL Sub-branch

Desmond Charles Hancock (known as Des) joined the Wauchope RSL Sub-Branch on January 24, 1986.

He was elected to the position of Liaison Officer in 1992 for the newly formed 208 Regional Cadet Unit where he remained until April, 1997.

He replaced the long serving WW11 veteran, Angus Shaw as the Flag/Colour Party custodian on 15 February, 2001.

Following the sudden death of the Sub-branch Trustee, Des was appointed to the position of Wauchope RSL Sub-branch Trustee on February 17, 1996. Two additional trustees were appointed in June, 1999 following advice from State Branch.

Des was elected to the position of President of the Wauchope RSL Sub-Branch on 17 February, 2011. He is the Sub-Branch delegate to the Lower North Coast District Council and was elected Vice President of L.N.C.D.C. on 02 June, 2013. Des has attended Annual State Congress as President of the Sub-Branch since 2011.

Des has a unique record in that he has had a role in all Anzac Commemoration Services since 1974 when he began as a serving member of D Coy, 2RNSWR in the Catafalque Party on the Cenotaph. On being promoted to Corporal, Des became the Catafalque Party guard commander from 1977 to 1988.

He enjoyed the role of parade commander ‘Sgt at Arms’ for all Anzac parades and other ceremonial occasions as required from 1985 to 2010.

Des is a quiet achiever and has made many improvements for the benefit of members, particularly in the area of pensions and welfare where he negotiated with the RSL Club Ltd for an office to be built for all ex-ADF member’s privacy during their pension interviews and appropriate seating for the aged and disabled members in the waiting area.

Des also joined the Anzac Centenary Grants committee in 2013 with Member for Lyne Dr David Gillespie as Chairman. This aided the securing of a grant to the sub-branch which enabled the construction of a Memorial Wall at the Wauchope RSL Club Ltd.

He was the fourth member of the Memorial Wall committee and was successful with the application for the grant. Des also submitted applications to Navy, Army and Air Force for approval to use their insignia on the plaques.

The members of Wauchope RSL Sub-Branch are proud and grateful for the contribution that Mr Desmond Charles Hancock has given over so many years and would be equally proud to share with him Life Membership to RSL State Branch NSW should the application for Life Membership be accepted.


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