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Tasmanian cadets celebrate 135 years with parade

Tasmanian cadets celebrate 135 years with parade

IT was a wet and miserable day in Hobart on Sunday, but it didn’t rain on the parade of Australian Army cadets.

About 120 cadets, aged between 13 and 19, participated in an end-of-year parade at Derwent Barracks, Goodwood, to celebrate 135 years since the establishment of cadets in Tasmania.

The parade also recognises the hard work and commitment cadets have given throughout the year.

Major Mike King, who is the officer commanding Bravo Company in Southern Tasmania, said the parade was a success.

“We had a break from the rain, so it all went off exceptionally well,” Major King said.

Launceston-based Cadet Sergeant Jackson Maulette-Shelley, 17, took part in the celebration.

“My grandfather did cadets, and I’ve been myself in cadets for coming up to five years now,” Jackson said.

“Initially, I think I signed up as a little, naive 13-year-old thinking that I could run and play with big tanks and stuff.

“Unfortunately that’s not quite the case, but I think I stay in because of the real friendships that you form in this organisation and I think I’ve stayed because it builds me as a person.”

Major King said cadets had changed “enormously” since their inception.

“Once upon a time, a cadet would take their firearm home and catch a bus or ride home on a bike or walk home with it,” Major King said.

“Obviously now we’ve changed and … over the years progressively become a premier youth organisation to teach the same loyalty skills that the Australian Defence Army instils.

“It’s become much more of doing more youth-related activities around wearing the Australian uniform.”

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