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How current is your Business Card?

How current is your Business Card?


Since the internet is now such an integral part of many careers and general business, it makes sense that social media channels are used as a new sort of business card or brand by which we represent ourselves. But does the rise of LinkedIn and online portfolios mean the death of the “old fashioned” printed business card? Not at all!

Business cards have now become less of a way to share contact information and more of a way to express your brand. They also signify that an in-person connection was made. Your business card in the pocket of a client or customer will remain a reminder of the conversation that was had when you met. Check out the ideas below about how give your business cards a modern and memorable touch.

Choose the right design

Design of any printed product, especially the elements of font and colour, is the most noticeable aspect of your business card. Choosing large, legible font will help contacts of any age read your card clearly. Using your brand’s colors in your business card’s design keeps your company’s style cohesive and easy to recognize. For more details on the role of colour in brand design, check out this post from our blog a while back.

Think outside the rectangle!

On that note, who says business cards must be rectangles? A unique shape like a square or circle will set your card apart from the others tucked away in your customer’s wallets and purses. Do make sure to keep them wallet sized to lower the chance that your card will get lost because it doesn’t fit.

Spend more on quality

Business cards can be designed and printed inexpensively, but often this means that low grade materials are used. Low quality reflects badly on your business, especially on a card that is supposed to represent your brand well. By spending a bit more cash, you’ll invest in cards that are heavier, feel sleek and send a clear message of professionalism.

Add a quote

A short, one-sentence testimonial about your business acts as a great advertisement for your business on your personal cards. Since customers relate to and trust other customers, a word of positive reference is reassuring.Use images: Business cards don’t have to be boring rectangles of strictly contact information and names. Add interest to the card by including your logo, a photo of relevant to your company or even a picture of yourself.

With these tips, you’re on your way to sprucing up your business cards and creating new connections. If you wish to discuss options for budget or premium business cards, get in contact wit the Spadix team today to further discover what we can produce for you!


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